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02-25-2010, 06:47 AM
This isnt a place to nerdrage about how you fedbears are blaming your suxxors and FAIL at pvp on klingons weak and already nerfed cloak. NO its a place to read where someone who actually KNOWS how to pvp has offered suggestions so that YOU DONT FAIL everytime and no longer have to resort to whining and crying nerf thousands of times over.

If you cant respect the mans post and take his advice then kindly GTFO and QQ somewhere else your "Icantpvp2savemylife" bretheren have MANY posts on this same topic already go QQ there. OR stay here and actually read this post and learn something, up to you but seriously if all yer gonna do is QQ cuz you blow at pvp and want nerfs to change that for you..move on.... THIS is def. the last place for that with all the info this guys taken the time to write down, its like complaining of starvation when your trapped in a grocery store. Really guyz move along, your FAIL and nubness is making my eyes bleed.

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