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At most, the hotbar displays 3 rows of abilities. But in actuality if you scroll through them there are 10 rows available.

My problem is that I like to use the hotkeys (0-9, ctrl 0-9, alt 0-9) so the other 7 rows go largely unused. Also I spend fairly equal amounts of time grouped and solo. As such I have officers tailored to both styles of play, so I end up swapping assignments around as my role dictates. Throw in the fact that swapping bridge officers around makes your space abilities shuffle around to other hotbar rows (usually the non-hotkeyed ones) and you have my recipe for annoyance.

Is it possible to map the hotkeys to the display rows rather than having them mapped to the absolute rows (float the hotkey combos on the view/display instead of bound to an actual row)? eg. map 0-9 to displayed row #1 so that I can scroll through the hotbars and whatever hotbar row I have active in the display gets mapped 0-9. The thought behind this is that if it were possible to map the hotkey combos to the displayed rows, I could then just have a hotbar for each officer. Doing this would let me swap assignments then simply scroll through the rows rather than having to remap all the time.

Edit: While I'm at it, any way to make it so the tidy little weapon status display stays viewable when 3 rows are displayed?

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