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I am attempting to invert the left stick (Lstick) command and I'm having a little issues. There seems to be a background control that I can't seem to find, that is preventing me from adding the key binding. Listed below are the codes I bound my "up" and "down" Lstick with. However, when i move my left stick up, while my ship is faced down, the ship will go up but stop in the middle and jiggle. As if there are 2 commands its attempting to process. Same thing as when i am looking up, and move the left stick down, the ship will just stops at the middle and jiggle.

Left Stick Up = Pitch Down ( /Bind Lstick_down +invertibleup )
Left Stick Down = Pitch Up ( /Bind Lstick_Up +invertibledown )

Now I have bound every key just fine, but the Left Stick (even in space) refuse to be bound correctly. I have even cleared out every keybinding in the Options Menu to make sure there wasn't any conflicting commands.
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02-25-2010, 03:00 PM
LStick is the command for the button accessed by pushing down the left stick not moving the whole thing around.

The function you are looking for is Joystick1_Up/Down

The stick can also be mapped in the normal way through the keybinds menu.

All that said .. its a very odd function .. I cant make it do what you want it to do .. it separates the commands somehow relative to whether the ship is inclined above or below the horizontal plane.

i.e +invertibleup will enable the stick to bring the nose down to horizontal and up to horizontal but not through it.

Luckily that would be a horrible way to control your ship so all is well
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02-25-2010, 04:34 PM
Yeah, I did try the Joystick1 and tried to bind it through the Options Menu, but still no dice. Thats why I'm looking for a backdoor to the coding that is hardwired as the default. Perhaps there is a way to ignore that and go with what I was looking for.

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