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# 1 Transwarp
02-25-2010, 06:05 PM
So... did a mission the other day.

I was told to deploy some mines in front of a couple Transwarp apertures.

They were supposed to prevent anyone other than Starfleet from using them to get closer to Fed space.

But... the only example of Transwarp we have ourselves, is the ability to "hearth" back to Sol.

With all the ruckus about Death Penalties, ranging from disabled BOs to Gear repair bills to Crew replacement.

I wouldn't mind having to fork over some of the 2mil in Creds I have to make repairs, if there were more than 4 stations in the entire universe.


How about adding a small station, with a transwarp hub nearby, to each Sector Block.

It'll allow a place to make repairs (if gear breaks down), a place to resupply and gather more crew (if crew every stop multiplying like Tribbles), and something akin to WoW Flight Points, so we don't have to waste 30min getting around the galaxy.

Get rid of the Transwarp ability, and instead just allow movement from Block to Block through the Transwarp Network.

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