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Hey all,

I'm looking for an active late-night fleet with members who enjoy PvP.

My primary interest here is to run with people who like to PvP, play matches frequently, and like to form organized teams so that matches are fun and not the usual slaughter at the hands of Klingons.

That said, I also enjoy PvE, I have experience in MMOs, and I'm a mature, friendly and relaxed adult.

In addition to the PvP aspect, any potential Fleet must be comprised of adults with good attitudes -- genuinely chill people who realize this is a game and want to have fun with it. Before you contact me, please read that last sentence so you know a good game experience with relaxed people is very important to me.

My hours are typically after midnight ET (or 9 p.m. Pacific) and I'm online most week nights. Although I understand this game doesn't have much end-game yet, I am familiar with end-game, "hard modes" and difficult encounters in other MMOs, and I'm the type of player who can be counted on to focus and fulfill my role in environments where teamwork and cooperation are important.

Thanks for reading. If you've got any questions, please contact me in game or via private message.

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