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# 1 PvP - Klingon Weapons
02-25-2010, 11:42 PM
Ive been getting curious, perhaps you can help me out.

Info about me

Commander 4
Heavy Cruiser

When engaging in PvP action, which is a awesome part of STO , I notice when I lock onto a Klingon ship... Activate My High Yield 2 Special ability, & Tachyon Pulse I ... fire

3 High Yield II Photon Torpedoes (about 2,800 kinetic damage w/o High Yield Special Ability)
1 Type 5 Phase Array
1 Type 4 Dual Phase Bank

I dont even damage his shields 30%. THis foward shields look like they took ... maybe a 10% hit.

So I continue firing but dont get any results until 2 - 3 more ships engage... then we can seriously damage his shields.

Another problem I see is when a Klingon ship engages me... after maybe one volley of torpedoes and a few disruptor hits.. My shelds are all but gone and I have over 6,100 max capacity shields I usually have to retreat.

Am I doing something wrong?

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