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I played 5 "deserted station" ground PVP games last night.

My group (Klingon) won 3 out of the 5, the reason we did not win the other 2 was ... teamwork.

As I look back on the different games, I realized that in 3 of then my group worked togather, I healed alot but I also used my weapon for Expose Attacks; since the others were armed with mostly Exploit attacks.

In one of the two that was lost, the Federation was healing and worked togather and the Klingons were not grouping well. In the other it was close; both sides worked togather and the Federation numbers (almost 3 to 1) was very apperent.

In every game the Fedearion outnumbered the Klingons at least 1.5 to 1, and usually 2 to 1 or greater.

At the end, I was shocked to see that in most cases the Federation had maybe 200 pts healing total while the Klingons had over 4000 pts healing, most by me.

So in retrospect; teamwork and healing helped the Klingons win against a superiour number of Federation.

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