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# 1 Screen Blackout
02-26-2010, 01:57 PM
This happened to me twice, I figured it was an issue with my PC but it's doubtful. Now, what happened was that I was doing the Delta Volanis missions: the one where we have to liberate the colony from the Klingons and each time I go down the the planet to do it, my entire computer screen goes black but my PC does not shut itself down. I have to do that in order to get my PC back to normal. I'm not playing full screened mode and I've gone all day playing without a single issue and my PC only just got back from being serviced a little over a week ago.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or is there something I can do? Because I don't want the $15 I put towards this games subscription to go to waste.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
02-26-2010, 02:02 PM
Hmm...I'm not sure on this. My best suggestion - could you submit a bug ticket with a dxDiagnostic report? Here's how to get that:

1. From the Windows key click *Start* menu, then click *Run*.
2. In the *Open* box, type: dxdiag (hit enter)
3. If this is your first time running dxdiag, click *Yes* to launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
4. Click *Save All Information* to create a dxdiag report.
5. Choose a name and location for the dump file (recommend desktop) and click *Save*.

Then just go send in a bug report, and paste the contents of this dump file in. Alternatively you can paste it up here instead of in a bug ticket, but this file can contain some sensitive sorts of information about your computer you may not want public, hence the ticket suggestion - just a heads up.

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