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I just entered the Cardassia region, did the first 2 Patrols that come from DS9 and the first 2 Episode Missions... the game did run smooth until now with allways 40-60 FPS (big fleet actions not counted) and now all of a sudden everytime i start shooting at Cardassians or Jem'Hadar my Fraps gives me a Flatline of 20FPS.

This allready started when i did the last Romulan mission, inside the Wormhole everything was 20FPS, thought it was just my PC beeing to slow (lol?), decreasing the Video Details helped to get it from 20 to 40 inside the Wormhole, now i get 20 FPS drops even with lowest settings.

Last Mission i did was the one in the Bad Lands, i have 60 FPS until someone shoots and then it flatlines at 20 FPS...

my System (not that it matters, should be fast enough):
Q6600 @ 3,1GHz, GTX 260, 4GB Ram, Win 7 x64

So is it just me or are you guys having this s***t too?

It feels to me just like the bug when you have the exchange and the Ship status window open and it drops to 20fps all the time...

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