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# 1 2d flying
02-24-2010, 01:51 AM
Ok I know what im asking is probably impossible but i need to vent at least. It is very irritating that your ship cant fly strait up or down or that you cant roll your ship. I mean its space its not like there limitation on how you can move (unless they add gravity effects to being near planets which I dount). It is especilly annoying on the few maps that the planets ring system you have to patrol is tilted at an odd angle so ig you need to go down in some areas you have to do that awkward downward spiral.

Like I said I know its probably impossible with changing the engine but its stilll annoying.
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02-26-2010, 07:10 PM
This is bothering me too. How am I supposed to do a Yaeger loop? I can't even roll my ship. Trying to control the ship from a reverse camera angle and pitch using the mouse is next to impossible.

This is a deal breaker for me. If I can't fly my ship in a realistic fashion, then what is the point of space combat? Devs should load up the game Bridge Commander and figure out how space combat works in this setting.
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I too wanted the full control to experience a 3D realm. I was waiting to get a better or bigger experience than the HOMEWORLD 2 game for movement. The only problem in that environment is it is easy to get disoriented and the quick resolve was to hit a Map view showing your X,Y, Z coordinate. For serious players this was not a problem but for general players it made them frustrated. Maybe having a limited floor and ceiling + restricted flight controls help for ease of experience for general players.

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