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02-26-2010, 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by The_Stig View Post
I have a question. How do you start the Klingon daily mission ? I am BG1 and I have no idea how/where to get it. Any information on this would be invaluable. Thanks.
I think ya have to be BG/RA 3 (level 43) for the daily missions. Yep, just checked the patch notes from Feb 11th
New Daily missions are available for level 43+ players that offer Marks as rewards which can be used in special stores in the Staging Fleet, K7 and Ganalda. To to your remote contacts for details.
You'll need to complete the first mission for the queued Arenas, Queued Capture and Hold (salvage) and War Zone/Resource (Borg Hunt) to unlock all 3 versions of the daily. If you don't unlock all three it can take 24 to 72 hours to get another mission after finishing one, depending on how your luck plays out with which one is offered to you that day.

On that note, I did fix my problem of not getting the next daily once the 24 hour clock ended, by going back and doing the first Borg Hunt iPvP and Capture & Hold (salvage ops)missions. These first ones are the one where you only have to participate in that match type once. If your missions to do any of the 3 types, War Zone (Borg Hunt), Capture and Hold (Hostile Takeover) or Arena (Hostile Engagement) tell you to participate in more than 1 match, then you should have the daily of that type unlocked, provided you meet the level requirements for the daily missions.

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