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Since the release of the "Daily Quest" as labeled IN the quest log, I have not been getting the quest on a "Daily" basis. So does "Daily" mean 24 hours after you complete the "Daily" quest or does it mean whenever the program thinks it's time to give you the quest? I play a Klingon toon that is capped and I have gone 3 and 4 full days btween getting my "Daily" quest again. If it is not a "Daily" quest, please take the "Daily" tag off the quest title. If it's sipposed to be "Daily"; then to quote Picard, "Make it so!"
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02-26-2010, 09:27 PM
There's actually 3 versions of the PvP daily, one for the War Zones (Borg Hunt iPvP), one for the Hostile Engagement (Arenas - Cracked Planet, Briar Patch, Solar wind) and one for Hostile Takeover (Salvage Operations and Enemy Mine maps).

I was having the same problem you are, but on my Fed RA5. I found out I'd only unlocked the one for the Arenas (CP, BP and SW), but hadn't unlocked War Zone or Hostile Takeover, so I was only gettign my daily on the days that it was the Arena daily. Sometimes that was the next day, sometimes it was 2 or 3 days later. Tonight I went and completed that first mission for Hostile Takeover and War Zone, which should only require competing in one match of that type to unlock. After doign so my daily for today showed up and it was Hostile takeover, so I queued up and did 3 Salvage Ops maps to complete it. It still took several hours due to the long wait times on the Fed side of the queue, but at least I have it working as intended now.
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# 3 daily lmfao
02-26-2010, 10:26 PM
daily? i play a klingon and have been Bg since befor there was a daily. i have done every space pvp quest at least one time and have got the DAILY 3 times so whats the definition of a daily

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