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i did some PvE and PvP fights and since i use the mouse for both clicking on skills and turning my ship, when the camera desides that it wants control it just takes it. switching from both buttons pressed to try clicking a skill i watch the camera view start changing as i move the mouse, this is preventing me from clicking on any skills.

The other thing i noticed is that my ship turns slow when using the mouse versus using the A and D keys. the A and D keys makes my ship turn almost a 360. when using the mouse....well it like turning a bus, taking 3 times the distance traveled to face the same direction as when using the A and D keys.

So....when is joystick control going to be added in?
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02-26-2010, 04:37 PM
definitly looking for that joystick compatability.... it shouldn't be that hard, realisticly.
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02-26-2010, 10:29 PM
Well i found out what is causing the mouse look being locked on while i am fighting.
I had bound the keyboard enter key as my fire all button and apparently that key has it hard coded to also turn on mouse look when the mouse is being used to steer.

I haven't figured out which key it is that makes me change targets or if its because i am using the fire all weapons when an enemy gets between me an my target or even behind me. i really hate it when my targeting switches to a enemy that is behind me when i want to destroy the one i was firing on in front of me.

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