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# 1 Chat Windows and UI
02-27-2010, 12:19 AM
I would really appreciate the Dev's if they would allow us to unlock chat tabs for a move to a different window. I like to be active with alot of different facets of the game. There is absolutely no way I can stay on top of what my fleet, team, or zone is rambleling about with the current UI.

I might be in the middle of a mission for greed xp or object and my Fleet could have someone who says he needs something which just becomes a text whick passes by.

For one... By not replying to Fleet chat, I look to be stuck up, cuase I missed there text.

Two, it would help the community. We all get active and involved in missions. If we could see global chat in a window, we could respond to others once we get time. Text can at times fly by at a fast pace. If Folks ask a question and everyone is in battle the text will just fly past at a fast pace where noone will see it, New people will take this as us not being a very helpful bunch.

At this time... I see all chat scrool by too fast..

I have a 30" Monitor and I would like the option of seperate chat windows. ATM my chat window takes up one third of my screen... I would like my chat to only take up one fourth.


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