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# 1 Hair missing
02-27-2010, 04:53 AM
Hi folks

I thought i'll make my first post addressing an urgent matter.

First of all, I like the game, as a casual player i can do one or two missions and continue real life.
When I start an MMO The first thing that is important to me is the Character Customization tool, and I was very pleased by STO one. Now I also like to see if i can turn RL characters with the MMO CC tool. For instance I made Hannibal Smith in CoH, tried Hitchcock in SWG and tried Raziel from Soul Reaver in WoW. Ok let me get to the point before i drown you all in text.

STO and it's CC is awesome, and i quickly thought of making an android ala Data as a BO. However I stranded at the hair, there was no combed back hairstyle like him. Oh well, I tried to make my hommage to Picard then, even though he didn't had a lot of hair his hairstyle was not present. Neelix perhaps? nope.

So thus far these hairstyles i currently miss:

Picard receding Hair
The Doctor's receding Hair
Dr Pulaski's Curly Hair
Neelix "mohawk"
Data's hair
Lore's hairstyle
Janeway Mary poppins hair
Janeway's other hair
Torres Hair

I think i missed some more, and maybe i overlooked some hairstyles that might be in the game. However it would be logical to add these "iconic" hairstyles to the game. If i may take SWG as an example Leia's Buns where available to the masses.

My fear is that they will add these hairstyles...for a price. Or might it be they fear that millions of picards will start running around? (but we can make millions of LaForges apparently)

Anyway for me it is a bit annoying we can make Yoda and Darth Maul but because a lack of hairstyles we cannot make any hommages to these characters mentioned above.

My thought ? Get a new barber, and hairstylist and add these hairstyles, maybe not immediately but eventually.

What do you think? (sorry for the large text it turned out to be anyway)

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