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I admit that there are a number of design choices and balance issues in this game that I understand what you were going for here Cryptic. Though, when it comes to the crowd control system along with the Expose/Exploit system I have to really stop and scratch my head. The idea isn't bad but the execution has turned the game, both PvE and PvP, into spam your holds and expose chances then quickly switch weapons to one shot your target. Very often giving them no real chance at all.

In PvE this isn't a major issue until the difficulty sliders come in, as it's too easy to matter anyway, but in PvP it's a painfully noticeable flaw. All that anyone has to do is spam crowd controls on target, which I've yet to see a "Near Hold Immunity" buff save anyone from, until that nasty little Exploit targeting reticule pops up and the target vaporizes soon there after. To be clear, this isn't a gripe about general class balance or that my class is getting smacked around more then I'd like, it's quite the opposite. Hell, half the time I find myself outnumbered and chased around the maps but with a stun weapon, shield heals and crowd controls I can endlessly escape until one of those controls makes the expose happen and all of the sudden the three people after me are down to one who's very lost as to how exactly that just happened.

What's that, you're a Tactical Officer with no real holds? No problem! Just do a barrel roll into your target and smack it over the head with the butt of your rifle. It works just as well if not better then any actual hold and eventually causes expose as well. It is a bit odd to me that Tactical Officers are less effective at dealing damage when they can't support a team in too many other ways, at least comparatively, but that's a topic for another thread.

To sum up this short topic, beating each other over the heads with our guns and doing little else then hoping to join the team that has the most holds isn't fun. It'd be more enjoyable to actually have our guns useful for something other then clubs and have a larger injection of balance to the system, preferably with less one-shot tactics.

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