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# 1 Chroniton Vs Tetryon Vs?
02-28-2010, 10:09 AM
Ok, I am Commander level 7 and am now seing upgrade options for weapns of Chroniton, Tetryon and 1 other ..

My question is, what are he advantages of each?

I have gone with a "disrupter" line of upgrads in my Escort class ships, with of course cannons up fron and all appropriat consoles added to enhance disrupter class, cannon class skills.

In particular..I am curious of Tetryon vs my disrupter class and cannon skills upgrades carry over, when I switch to Chroniton/Tetryon weapons
Lt. Commander
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# 2
02-28-2010, 10:22 AM
the benefits of of each weapon is as following:

energy guns (the chances for each is 2.5 % i think):
-phaser has a chance to disable one subsystem
-disruper has a chance to debuff targets dmg resistance marginally
-tetryon has a chance to to drain energy from all shield facings (just like tachyon beam)
-polaron has a chance to drain 25 energy from all subsystems
-antiproton has a chance to buff your damage (it has a critical bonus or something like that, im not sure though)

-photon has afaik no special tricks, just the highest dps
-quantum is just like photon but has higher actual damage but less dps (due to longer reaload, so its good for burst)
-chroniton slows the speed of your target and debuffs it's turnrate
-transphasic has a chance to ignore shields but i think its quite rare and it has the lowest dps
-tricobald has an enormous cooldown but is the only torpedo that does AoE and it's actual dps surpasses the quantum's by far

you can choose the weapons with the abilities you deem most useful/fun, i don't think there is one "musthave" weapon type...

edit: regarding carrying over skills: if you have basic skills like cannon upgrade or energy weapon upgrade (those are the skills to the left of your skill tree) then yes, they affect all cannon weapons. they are least effective but they apply to many guns.
then there are the specializing skills like disrupter or tetryon upgrades. as the name implies those skills only affect tetryon or disrupter guns respectively and do not apply to any other gun!

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