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# 1 Basics of Cool-Down Timers
02-28-2010, 10:21 AM
I was trying to find some information on how timers worked and I found no specific location that went into detail as to exactly how cool-down timers work, so I am taking a stab at it. This is all easy stuff but the first 2 weeks I was playing I didn't really understand it:

Basically most space based Bridge officer and personal abilities are based on cool-down timers, meaning a delay between when you use the ability or a like ability to when you can use the ability again. From this point on when I say "gets a cool-down" this means the an ability will not be accessible for use for some number of seconds. Also, when a cool-down is applied it does not overwrite or stack an existing cool-down on the ability. It instead picks whichever the longer cool-down is and maintains or applies it.
Now on to the types of cool-downs

System: Every time you use an ability, all other abilities that share it's "System" always get applied a 20 second cool-down.
Ability: Every time you use an ability a cool-down is applied to that exact ability either right after it's use or after it's run it's course. Abilities vary in cool-down's based on training and nature of the ability.
...Work in progress...

NOTE: there is a BOFF skill for Photonic Officer can reduce the "Ability" cool-downs.

Ok, a few examples:

You have "Science Team", "Engineering Team", and "Hazard Emitters" all trained to 9 in your BOFF Skills. for all of those abilities the "Ability cool-down" is 45 seconds. Science and Engineering team are on the "crew" system and Hazard Emitters is on the "Hazard" system.

Example A: Use Science Team
Science team gets 45 sec cooldown
Eng team gets 20 sec cooldown
Hazard Emitters gets no cooldown
Example B: Science team was used 40 seconds ago, then you use Eng team
Science team's cooldown is reset to 20 seconds
Eng team gets 45 sec cooldown
Hazard Emitters gets no cooldown
Example C: Use Hazard emitters
Science team gets no cooldown
Eng Team gets no cooldown
Hazard Emitters gets 45 sec cooldown
For reference I added the list of Systems and the abilities that are grouped with them.

System:Auxiliary Power
Auxilliary to Battery
Auxiliary to Dampeners
Auxiliary to Structural

System: Batteries

Emergency Power to Auxiliary
Emergency Power to Engines
Emergency Power to Shields
Emergency Power to Weapons

System: Beams
Beam Fire At Will
Beam Overload

System: Cannons
Cannon: Rapidfire
Cannon: Scatter Volley

System: Crew
Boarding Party
Engineering Team
Science Team
Tactical Team

System: Deflector Dish
Energy Siphon
Gravity Well
Tachyon Beam
Tyken's Rift

System: Deflector Field
Feedback Pulse
Gravity Well
Transfer Shield Strength

System: Emitters
Photonic Officer
Photonic Shock Wave

System: Hazard
Hazard Emitters
Polarize Hull


Attack Pattern Beta
Attack Pattern Delta
Attack Pattern Omega

System: Mines
Dispersal Pattern Alpha
Dispersal Pattern Beta

System: Sensor Probes
Jam Targeting Sensors
Scramble Sensors
Viral Matrix System

System:Sensor Array
Charged Particle Burst
Jam Sensors System
Mask Energy Signature

System: Shields
Extend Shields
Reverse Shield Polarity

System: Target Subsystems
Beam Target Auxilliary
Beam Target Engines
Beam Target Shields
Beam Target Weapons

System: Tractor
Tractor Beam Repulsors
Tractor Beam System

System: Torpedos
Torpedo High Yield
Torpedo Spread

System: Warp Core

Eject Warp Plasma

System: Weapon Modifications
Aceton Field
Directed Energy Modulation

I hope this is of some use to you.

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