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02-28-2010, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by audabon View Post
im currently running 2dc+turret+torp fore and 2turret aft,

but why do you think its better for cruisers? than escorts?

escorts in general drop faster than cruisers for obvious reasons under any damage.

aside from the burst that dhc provide.. im trying to find out what benefit there is to 3dhc when

only 1 cannon can fire off at a time. unless there is something mechnically that basically

either everyone omits from posts, or currently no one has enough hard data and math to

back up the 3dhc assumption.

that being said.. without conclusive reasons, we are stuck with less slots and the predicament of

being lower on turrets (for those who prefer cannon damage). so why not just

go with 2dc, torp, and 3 turrets for our 7 weapon slots?
Dunno seems tho that escorts go down faster if you use DHC , might be cuz of the brust , with DC tho your non~stop so your always ripping and the curisers , sci ships cant seem to keep up thats what i have noiced anyway.

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