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While leveling my Federation toon to RA5 I was for Federation vs Federation PvP. But now while leveling my Klingon toon, now I’m not so sure FvF PvP is a good idea. Here is what I think the issues are,
  • Federation: I want to PvP, the wait time in the queue too long.
  • Klingon: KvK PvP will kill the Klingon, because the queue times will go up and since we have no PvE content, leveling will take forever.
What I would like to see, is FvF PvP at the Real Admiral level only. This would not affect the Klingon leveling pace and would give the RA Feds something to do other than the daily. Adding FvF for all ranks would cause the pace of leveling a Klingon toon to drop to a crawl. The queue times would rise and it would be painful waiting and waiting for a queue to pop.

As for Klingon PvE game content…

When I first started playing a Klingon I wanted some PvE content. Again, I changed my mine. Klingons are fine as they are. Sure Klingon PvE would be nice. Maybe in a couple of years. But right now, personally I would rather see Cryptic working on End of Game content that both the Federation and Klingons can do. Adding low level Klingon PvE game content would not add value to STO.

Just my 2 cents after 224 hours of playtime.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-28-2010, 02:16 PM
Come here, lemme give you a hug. Now I agree territroy end-game is essential, but some more PvE is needed. Though I do think the war would make many, if not most, of us happy for the long hual.

The problem with the queues is that we need more KDF and people will migrate over to the KDF side if we have good content...PvE content will be the only real new and unique(if they dont cut and paste Fed content), to draw people over. Once they come over, they inevitably play PvP to fill the queues, and many will particiapte in the war.

The key thing is creating some draw for the multitudes of Feds to try us out...its a given, the majority people will be be drawn to the Feds first...but that doesnt mean thats where they will stay.

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