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OK, I understand that GMs may be overloaded and spread too thin. To a point, I have patience for such things. But my first encounter with a GM has been a poor one.

I purchased a blue Mk VI set of engines for my Klingon character, at quite a chunk of change, to equip his new cruiser. I flew out to do the repeatable invader quest and discovered my maneuverability and speed were terrible. I also noticed I had a weapon listed I shouldn't have: a Mk IX dual beam.

Baffled, I opened the stats for my ship and was amazed to discover my expensive new engines were missing. In the engine slot was the Mk IX weapon. Obviously I was not high enough in level to have them equiped, not to mention they were in the engine slot. I unequiped them and my ship went from terrible speeds to a super-slow crawl (and oh how I missed the terrible performance from before).

I couldn't re-equip them and my expensive engines were gone. While limping back to base to get some temp engines, I filled out a ticket asking for my engines back.

Nearly a WEEK passed before I got a response from a GM, stating (politely) that what had happened to me sucked and he moved the ticket to bug report.

I wrote another response, less polite this time, advising them I wanted my damn engines back. I'm sick to death of MMOs where you lose something expensive and customer service can't be bothered to replace the missing item.

SOE did this alot... to the point where I've banned all sony products from my home. Is STO heading down the same road?

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