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# 1 Sol System Loading Screen Bug
02-28-2010, 07:04 PM
OK this is total Bug Stuff (read BS) both myself and the guy I have been playing online games with for almost ten years bought this game last night and we have wasted most of the day creating characters and deleting them because of this This has been occurring since beta by looks of the dates on these posts.

Believe me or not I was a Q/A staff member at Westwood Studios in the mid 90's and a bug like this would have been a showstopper for the coder not the customer. In other words the product would not have shipped until the code monkeys fix their broken binary banana. It is more of Bill Roper's mismanagement. The same rush to market that took place in that other company. I know I was part of the public beta for their one and only product. Mr. Roper, I have read the interviews and how much you lost on a personal level with the sinking of your flag ship. Please do not sink Star Ships, listen to your test engineers not your accountants. And if you are listening to the engineers and not the accountants fire the engineers and hire competent staff. With your reputation with the gaming public (read people who pay you) you can ill afford to launch yet another flop. This game like CO has vast potential that is not being realized to what I can only explain as your business model. Unless there is some strange alien force controlling your mind with the other worldly purpose of destroying as many MMO's on earth as they can, I can see no other explanation to this bug not having been addressed before launch.

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