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# 1 Missing Vo'Quv skin?
02-28-2010, 07:45 PM

So, they go through the effort of making a badarse skin for the ship but dont bother to let us use it? Care to explain, Cryptic? Also, let me take the time to say that you guys are wasting resources and time making the T2 cruiser that almost no one will be using by the time the patch goes live. What you should be doing is be adding more ship models and variants for T4 and T5 irritated the K'vort isnt in the game, alot of people love that ship...why would you guys forget it? Heres my feedback, Klingon customization and content is needed and FvF PvP wont do anything but make it harder for Klingons to find PvP matches. It takes forever in T5 to get into a PvP match as it is.

edit: and, it appears that you cant re-buy the B'rel....I sold mine and thought id never want to use it again. And now I cant get it should be able to buy the starter ship for like 10-20k.

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