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03-01-2010, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by Lugh View Post
Note the lack of hazard emitters in your statement..its another 30% hull resistance and 450+ healed per tick for 24-29seconds

And I cannot save the sarcasm it flows naturally from me like the wisdom I am attempting to shame you into absorbing.

FOCUS FIRE is bad... not fleeing while under focus fire is bad too...
Are you dense or just Rain Man part 2?? Yep, I don't have hazard emitters. How about you *note* that there are actually a few other skills in the game? Most importantly, note how patently stupid it is to think that popping any skill is just going to make everything all better, because regardless, you're still getting fired at, and you do have cooldowns in between the use of anything.

As for your wisdom, well, I pvp 20-30 times a day most days and I've never even seen your lame aft out there, and I do want to see how your hazard emitters holds up when it's on cooldown and you're still facing several antiproton cannons. Get a grip on your clue. If you can't *not* be a jerk, then just shut your hole. You're not impressing me in the slightest, because as i said, I'm out there nearly constantly, and I've never seen you, ever.

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