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02-16-2010, 07:34 AM
Is what I'm suppose to get . IT was from Atari the firect download. My friend eventually got his.. but alas.. me nothing.

I have used all the keys I have got.. and it will not let me enter them anymore.

"TOS Uniform Set (in-game item): 3 Uniforms from the Original series (blue, red, yellow)
Joined Trill: Play as a Joined Trill. Joined Trill come with a symbiote that grants you several lifetimes of experience. The "Joined" species trait grants you a bonus to 5 skills.
Exclusive “KHAAAN!” Emote (in-game item): An unforgettable moment from the second Star Trek Film. This exclusive emote allows players to relive Kirk’s unforgettable moment of fury, with the timeless cry… “KHAAAN!”
Exclusive Klingon Blood Wine Toast Emote (in-game item): Raise a glass like a Klingon! Greet and interact with other players with an exclusive Klingon gesture -the blood wine toast.
Unique Registry Prefix (in-game item): Give your ship the coveted NX prefix, seen only on a handful of elite Starfleet vessels like the Defiant, 22nd century Enterprise, and Prometheus.”
Unique Ship Item (in-game item): - Automated Defense Battery. This Tactical Module that grants any ship a passive 360 arc attack power with a short range."
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02-17-2010, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by DaelinTerenes
Did you make a new character, the constitution-class doesn't just appear, it replaces the Miranda, so it won't show up on an already made character. And this has been stated hundreds of times on the forums in the past just fyi.
I made a new character, but I didn't run him through the entire tutorial to get the miranda. It wasn't on that toon's c-store either.

Are you seriously telling me I need to reroll if I want to see the constitution class starship? If so, what was the point of the head start? (/disgruntled)


I double checked, and my Miranda is still a Miranda.
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03-01-2010, 07:19 AM
OK, so I took some time out and rolled a new federation character. I got him to LT 3 and discovered that, yes, there is still no way for me to claim the Constitution-class starship.

I'm counting 27 days since my original ticket on the matter and no official response.


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