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# 1 Keep Optimizing Performance
03-01-2010, 01:29 PM
Still many unoptimized systems out there coming up in various shapes and sizes. I realize now the game is largely random when creating some missions but performance goes from great to poor with nothing even being rendered. (No I don't mean with my inventory or GUI open )

Please continue to optimize the maps as there is no reason the older ones shouldn't perform as well as the new ones. Some systems have amazing detail and run extremely well, and some have nothing to draw at all and run like mud. At first I thought it was some environment maps and now possibly even some planet meshes could use some work.

3rd Exploration Nebulas are a good example of how to get low fps without even trying. Any time you look a certain direction on the map it lags something fierce yet there is nothing there. Turn camera oposite way and bam 60fps solid. I find these overlooked performance issues all over the game because my specs are only recommended and not great. With reference to the 3rd Nebula I just don't understand why it lags. Is there a huge invisible object im rendering but not seeing? Areas like 5th Exploration look better have more effects and even run better. Borg Exploration zone even has moving backgrounds and still manages to outperform the 3rd Nebulas which had me debugging for a while.

If your going to push a big scene detail and my machine lags because of it fine. However if your going to lag my client out for no apparent reason then I classify it as broken and unoptimized.

I hope performance is never overlooked in this game as it is still rough around the edges and could use some more optimization. Not just the UI needs work. Several areas and missions templates could be optimized better.

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