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# 1 Romulan Rifle Butt
03-01-2010, 02:04 PM
Are Romulans supposed to have a 100% chance to hold you for 3 seconds, when using Rifle Butt? If it's not 100%, it damn sure FEELS close to that. Not only is the Hold used on me with extreme frequency, but it also lasts long enough to effectively incapacitate me for nearly half of most ground combat scenarios.

It's creating a situation where close-combat specialists (Martial Artists, Bat'leth combatants) are extremely subpar against an entire section of content, as they are unable to approach their opponents without being smacked in the face and HELD. And while I can accept that there should be situations where melee combat doesn't excel, I canNOT accept that an entire 8-10 levels' worth of content is punishing me for spending thousands of skill points on a combat style that has become unviable.

I'm not aware of any content in this game that penalizes ranged specialists in this manner. I'd appreciate someone looking into this imbalance, as I feel it can be cured simply be taking a closer look at this single combat move.

Sidenote: Most of my fleet feels that Rifle Butts in general are vastly overpowered for their ability to Hold. Especially in PvP.

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