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Okay, I am being patient about my other "causes/stands", but I am bringing notice to this bit of gameplay that I feel needs addressing.

I know and apologize: you are overworked on Mirror Universe uniforms, both the female (and hopefully Kirk) variants. You are (hopefully) at work on more Klingon clothing options, more Gorn clothing, more Orion, et al.

I know you are trying to put the finishing touches on Tellerites and Caitians as well.

Well, hat-in-hand, I have to tell you about a new problem I encountered. I was taking pics of my Saurian (whom I hope to have out of the Tutorial when Facebook support arrives, but that is another story/problem). Manly was going to work up a character page for him. To get him in certain poses, I used the in-game emotes.

Well, he did not seem to emote well. In fact, he was very "tight-lipped" about it!

I figure Matt or his crew or folks didn't have enough time to animate/open these mouths and put them on the character model as is. As of this moment, I he doesn't open his mouth. His "Yawn" emote comes out as "Mmmmmmrm" and his "Khan" emote comes out as "MrmrMMMMMMMM!"

It is slightly disheartenening, to say the least.

I point this out with the hopes that this can be fixed and hopefully sooner than later. I also point this out with other races . While I have not tested most of them, I can see certain non-human ones being a problem, this also goes for future Caitians!

While I could also easily point at my poor Gorn needing some nice emotes (it would be great if he could open his tooth-maw to yell), I can wait on him for a bit longer. I agree, Gorns probably need more work in this department than most other races. Just..don't forget about Gorns down-the-road!

So, anticipating the Caitian outcry (over emotes) and wanting my Saurian to do open-mouthed soliliquies, can anything be done about this? IS anything being done about this?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2 My dramatic presentation...
03-01-2010, 09:41 PM
To demonstrate my point, I will now perform a soliliquy (sp) with my Saurian character, Soludos, with some pictures.

" Minnle, Minnle, Mrrtrl, Mrrh...

Mrw M Mnndrr Mhrrr Muu Mre.

" Mp Mbmvm Mhh Morrd Mm Mhhh...

Saludos, emoting, his arms wide.

Mmkk m Mmnmnd mn Mhh Mmy! "

" Minnle, Minnle, Mrrtrl, Mrrh...

Mrw M Mnndrr Mhrrr Muu Mre ! "

The end of the journey revealed !

Please, fix these mouths so one can "hear" my melodic rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Thank you! (And let's hear from mhighson and other Devs! :p )

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