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# 1 New player thoughts on game
03-02-2010, 12:01 PM
Hello I just started playing this game,

I've played most MMO's as they have come out since EverQuest, Yes I'm old. Here are some of my thoughts on the game.

I like the space mechanics. I played Star Fleet Command, the paper game When I was in the Military a long time ago. This game has done a great job of replicating that experience.

Story line and Questing. (PvE) Play. The Federation stroyline questing, PvE is great. I jumped over to the Klingon's as soon as available (level 6) and was astonished that there is NO story line, Questing or PvE content. Well there's the repeatable quest that you seem to get at each rank, but once you've out leveled the Mobs, and get no XP, that gets lame fast! I've since returned to the Federation side for content.

There is no content for the Klingons save PvP, and that content is flawed..

PvP, the Queuing system needs an overhaul. The create a system that dumps players into a queue, the queue fills then the battleground starts. The fact that queues sit out there empty or with 2 or 3 players in each queue is maddening. The fact that the only way for Klingons to get any content, or XP is through PvP makes this a more glaring issue. (you could have cloned the missions from the Feds for the Klingons)

Working on other issues before fixing the problems that already exist. I believe that the existing problems need to be fixed before creating new problems!I have read several posts on Death Penalties, etc. If you don't fix the foundation of the game before moving on to new programming challenges this game will definitely fail. Players already unhappy with the base game will definitely if unpopular patches start being implemented.

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