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03-02-2010, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by Drucard
It was like facing off against my Bridge Officers doppelgangers.
They should really make that a mission. Undine try to pose as you and your bridge crew.

Yeah, it was a pretty good mission but I think my fav is still City on the Edge of Never.
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03-02-2010, 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by DaiKami View Post
It's the mission where the last part has you trying to destroy an asteroid before the Klingons do...What I do remember is being excited because for the first time a mission had given me a couple of problems and said "complete your objective".

Unfortunately, as I found out after getting the asteroid to half health, there was nothing freeform about the mission. You HAD to kill the 3 BoPs, then you HAD to kill the I.K.S. Whateva, and only then could you destroy the asteroid.

...Would have been awesome if it had actually been up to the player to complete the objectives as they saw fit.

...all they had to do was let me destroy the asteroid or any of the Klingon ships in whatever order I wanted and the mission would have been way better...
Agreed and that's along the lines of the point I want to be making here. I remember that asteroid mission too. I tried to ditch the BoPs and destroy the asteroid first, then was disappointed to find out I had to do it in the order that the Devs wanted me to do it. That was another blown story on their part.


We want free form missions. Even if they add harder/free-form missions for end-game content that doesn't help the new player experience. They need to go into the code and REDO / REWRITE these original story missions.

Whenever a developer forces a player to play a game the way the dev wants it to be played, the game losses all of its fun, creativity, and variety. The best games are the ones that allow me to choose my own ending or decide how I want to kill 10 rats (er Klingons).

Its this kind of hold your hand, do it their way game-play that earned this game several mediocre reviews.

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