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Originally Posted by Hansbrix
Actually, it doesn't take a character three times above the recommended level, in an end game ship to finish the FA in 20 minutes. It's easier with Dr. Woe, me or someone else kitted out to Lock it down solo, which requires a Capt or RA, but it can be done with 3 LTC in Sci ships, rotating their Sensor Scrambles.

Here's the technique, and it only has to be coordinated once. Sci ship 1 fires Scramble Sensors. Sci ship 2 sees green explosion, waits 20 secs and fires Scramble Sensors. Sci ship 3 sees 2nd green explosion, waits 20 secs and fires Scramble Sensors. That's the hard part.

Now, since these abilities are on a 1 min CD, and we're firing a total of 3 every 20 secs, that means you fire your Scramble everytime the CD is up, immediately. That keeps the timing perfect.

WIth a group of 15-20 LTCs, 3 of them Sci ships with a LT Sci BO with scramble sensors I, the CE can be killed quite easily, with just a smidge of teamwork.

As a RA, i bring my sci vessel with 3 scrambles, and fire each one in succession as soon as the 20s shared CD expires.

If you're going to lock down the CE's fragments, make sure you let everyone else know. Tell the DPS to ignore the frags, they are harmless, max power to weapons, and full DPS on the entity. Also tell the energy weapon guys to get close, to increase their damage output. No mines, boarding parties (completely useless BTW), heavy plasma torps or tricobalts under 40%. Photons, quantums, chronitons, and transphasics are FINE to use at ALL times.

See you around a crystalline entity near you.

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03-03-2010, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by Kor_Dahar_Master View Post
Hey look a mission that needs team work and a bit of thought....hey look at all the whine posts.

You guys make me laugh, you are the first to say the game should need skill and teamwork then are the first to complain when it does.
The problem is that you can use skill and teamwork until the cows come home. It only takes one noob who doesn't read chat, because he is too bush pressing the space bar while wacking off, to destroy a large crystal that brings the entity back up to 70 percent again. The people who use skill and teamwork shouldn't be punished because of the idiot who doesn't.

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