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03-03-2010, 01:55 PM
So that's why I'm not seeing as much spam when I get on. Clever Destra. Just work out those false positives, please.

My idea is just block trials from communicating in ANY form except to the account they got a buddy key from (If it's a buddy key account). The people who actually buy keys just to spam would need an actual human reading the zone chat to spot, but they are breaking the TOS (I think) so they'd be quickly banned and would be wasting money getting back.

I am sad for the people who get spammed multiple times a day. I am at least thankful for my 1 spam per day and hoping it goes away.

As for the suggestion to sell EC on the CStore, no. That would cause widespread inflation. Just create a money sink. Money isn't exactly hard to get, but there's a bit few ways to use it except buying stuff from people on the Exchange. We don't need more ways to get money. We need more ways to spend money, instead. Just as long as prices of existing stuff don't go up I mean.

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