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# 1 Why I love Star Trek Online
03-03-2010, 06:30 PM
The graphics are great. There is no lag like with SWG, and no rubberbanding. It has pvp. It has decent missions, that I think will get better over time. It allows me to customize my ship and characters. Free respec is coming soon, which will help me fix my tac admiral's skill allocation. I like the exchange, the bank, the fleet (guild).

Things I think that are going to improve the game - some of which I mentioned already - is a return of auto-fire. 45 day patch. Cardassian and Romulan playable characters. An addition of 2 new professions 1) freighter ship captain, and 2) privateer captain. The C store will really be humming along great in about 3 months. I expect a lot of neat items I can buy. And, let's don't forget expansions that will open up new areas of space - delta quadrant anyone?

As far as the social content, I think they will eventually have an R&R planet for players to party and play like Risa. And last, but not least eventually our entire ships will be opened up. That includes the ship's galley, cargo bays, shuttle bays, astrometrics, crew quarters, engineering, etc.

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