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# 1 the death penalty and skill
02-28-2010, 07:29 AM
I have heard alot of talk in game how the DP will make people play with skill. That has to be the biggest load of BS ever spouted. DP's in any game have never taught anyone to be a better player, if anything alll it has done is to make them timid to try new content. Look at the multitudes in WOW in the TBC and earlier era who would not even raid in end game content because it was too costly. Most didnt have the time to devote to the farming for gold and mats it took to compete in any area of the game past KARA. It in no way made any of them better players, if anything, it made them worse, as they never got a chance to develope the skills and knowledge thhey needed to play at that level. Well wow fixed that for you, now all it is a gear fest and raiding there is nothing more than a joke, yet you still have people who cant complete the low level Ulduar content. So explain how the death penalty made them play with skill to me.
What really teaches people to play with skill in any game, and to improve on whatever class they may have chosen is the community around them. People really want to see some of that awesome end game content, but DP's and the bs farming that is required to supply yourself with mats is what keeps them from even trying. They have time to raid, they dont have time to devote to the other bs they need to do. So they never get a chance to see it till it is nerfed so that a moron can do it. If any of you people think that the DP will make any difference you will have to show me in facts why this is so. Not just your opinion, Because I for one am of the belief that the people will learn to improve their gameplay just becasue of the desire to see end game content. It's as simple as, if they dont, they will not get invited to participate in it, becasue it doesnt take long for the community at large to know who is not worth the time to take in more difficult content.
You can also add this to the number one reason gold sellers are so overwhelming in games. People dont have time to farm for days for this crap and pay stupid repair and DP's, so they buy gold off these spammers.
You may not agree with me, but I have given actuall reasons why I think a DP is joke. You disagree with my reasons, tell me why they are not true. Dont try and feed me any of that silly BS it teaches skill, as all it does is teach them to avoid it and not be on your six when you need them.
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# 2
03-03-2010, 07:15 PM
I am reminded of DDO, where there is a 4th level quest that 8th level characters won't do. Everyone says its mismarked, but when I went in with my cronies from 4th to 6th and we didnt zerg through it, we came out fine. Yea we died a couple of times but man it was some of the best gaming I'd had in a while. People dont want to be bothered, they just want their stuff EASY. I fight tooth and nail, run like hell when Im out gunned and use every trick in the book to stay alive. Because to me it counts, I get excited knowning I didnt get blown up. That is its own reward. I would say, you want to make people play better? How about a survival reward instead?! Make it risky, greater risk, greater reward; you dont die at any time during story arc, you get ultra rare, and no help from your +35 level mates!
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# 3
03-03-2010, 07:35 PM
A Death Penalty can be good/bad for the game. However the way the game is currently set up, with missions you can do that are +3-4 of your level, will make a DP not a good choice. Also ability's like Abandon Ship and Ramming Speed will be rendered useless to most players. PvP will be not used as much since people will just hide and Klingon's will just cloak before combat even begins. Not having a DP is a good thing for the way the game is currently set. If one is added there will be a need to change a lot of the game.

I say no to a DP because of the way the game is set up.
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# 4
03-03-2010, 07:49 PM
Why does everyone think a DP must be global and bad. If there are areas where it would be more pain than it should be for certain encounters (ie PvP, Crystal Entity, etc ) then they can set it so DP doesn't apply.

Deep Space Encounters NEED to be fixed regardless of if there is a DP or not.

Other missions need a DP of some sort (debuff, missions reset, something ) so that missions aren't trivial. Pure and simple.

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