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# 1 Release Notes - March 4, 2010
03-04-2010, 01:52 AM
The team is very excited to bring to you the first of our new Special Task Force missions (formerly referred to as "Raidisodes"). In the coming weeks you will see a wealth of updates coming to the game and we look forward to your comments and feedback as we continue to work on fixing bugs, addressing your concerns, and adding the features that you are looking for in the game. Here are the release notes for this week's update. Enjoy!

New Features
Our first Special Task Force mission is now ready for you and your friends to enjoy.

In "Infected," you'll travel to the Sibiran system to investigate Starbase 82, a Federation space station that has ceased communicating with Starfleet. As you arrive, you're in for a true nightmare scenario: The Borg have taken Starbase 82, and are in the process of assimilating the people aboard!

As you investigate the station, an acquaintance from your past is looking forward to greeting you in an epic encounter that will require skill, teamwork and maybe a little bit of luck to survive.

The "Infected" is designed and scaled for a 5 Captain away team and requires a coordinated effort to survive the challenges of the episode. No Bridge Officers are allowed on the ground portions of this mission.

Quick "Infected" Facts
  • Klingon and Federation players both have access to this Special Task Force once they reach level 45.
  • It is a daily repeatable mission from the time the mission is taken.
  • Special Mark X gear that can be used by either faction drops in the mission
  • Mission success against bosses provides Marks of Valor, which will be valuable for a special gear store coming in the 45-day update.
  • The Federation and Klingon Empire are now tentatively working together to fight the Borg and can be on the same Deepspace encounter maps against the Borg.

Level 43 Klingon faction players now have access to the Borg Sector
Klingon Faction players can talk to their remote contact to get the hand-off mission and use the new Transwarp gate near Qonos to access the Borg Staging Fleet area where the Federation had already setup shop. The Klingon Empire and Federation have a tentative cease fire agreement in place in order to deal with this new Borg threat – so players of both factions will be able to access this map.

Klingon players may also undertake repeatable Deepspace missions against the Borg. While the cease-fire doesn’t allow teaming between Federation and Klingon faction players, all players can compete on the same Deepspace maps for glory against the Borg. Note that Klingon faction players do not have access to the Star Cluster at this time.

Repeatable Mission Changes
We have reintroduced a change to help clean up your remote contact list by limiting what repeatable missions are offered to you as you level up. Repeatable missions are anything from Star Cluster exploration, to Sector Defense where you must secure sectors from wandering enemies.

Here's how the change works. Repeatable missions will only be offered to you via Remote Contact if you are within the appropriate level range for the mission OR if you are nearby in the sector where the mission takes place. This means if you are above the suggested level range for the mission, it will not show up in Remote Contacts and will not be offered to you unless you travel back to the location where there mission takes place. The net result being that the higher in level you go, the less cluttered your Remote Contact list is. All the missions are still available, you will just need to go to the appropriate location to take them now if you are over level.

Now on to the rest of the update!

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