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What a revelation these past days been to me. I've never participated in an online game before, but when i came across the startrek game I had to join.

I've played the game for a few days but i allready know what i want to create.. An escort ship only fleet. Tomorrow i'll get my 'luitenand commander rank' so also my first escort ship

Im not that into 'guidls' or 'lairs' but what i'd like is to see a massive fleet of defiants and sortalike ships beat the crap out of cruiser and/or mixed fleets.

So this is my idea: lets make a real covert operation ESCORT ONLY fleet, not committing in wars but in RAIDS. Starfleet intelligence at its best, fleet section 31. Cause when you've got the speed, thats all what you need.

Interested? let me know

Jarel Riker of the USS Nightmare

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