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First off, Cryptic, You really need to stop letting people que into more than ONE ground PVP mission. I , and so many others , are sooooo sick of 4 players out of ten in a match, and its usually 3 on 1 . That is no fun and your stinking que system ...( add your own expletive) . Now , there is the horrid issue of spawning all over the place, but mostly right next to a pack of enemies- that sucks, plain and simple- FIX IT. Matches SHOULD NOT start unless there are 10 people that ACTUALLY are wanting to PLAY on that map- Anything else is just ridiculously stupid. Give us lovers of Ground PVP some attention will ya? I for one will get tired of it the way it is , and end up unsubbing , if its not fixed. It's frustrating and totally unfinished of a system. You have a great idea with the whole expose- exploit , and how all the abilities and skills work together -- DONT ruin your creation by neglecting its care. Take some time to develop the problems - Why are games starting without 5 on a side? STOP letting people Que in multiple maps - thats just stupid. Make some sort of spawn in area that is a safe zone - OR dont let people respawn until thier team all goes down ....then they can respawn in the same spot and regroup nicely. The way it is now ....its like a crapshoot and totally choatic. The appeal WILL wear off after time , trust me , if things aren't developed to make this more PLAYABLE.
Oh and the patch had somehow made it so you can't zoom the mini or the main map....That at least was helpful in seeing players and at least trying to regroup...That needs fixing right away, as well.
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