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I still cant get pacify klingon heroes to work. no matter what instance I seem to enter no pvp gives me credit. Of course.. what would be awesome.. is if a quest NEEDS something specific it actually told us. Wait times on queu's are long. and sorry im not some unemployed rich guy who can sit at home 12 hours a day and play STO. I'd like to have a pvp system I can get into faster, with specific directions of WHAT I have to do for the quest and where to go to get it. This should be far simpler than the russian roulette it is now. IF there are prerequisites to quests.. then you shouldnt be able to get quests till other ones are done, and maybe label them in a quest chain. Frustrating that I only get to opportunities a day to get badges for end game gear and I cant even find out HOW TO GET CREDIT FOR THE MISSION!!!!! If someone knows im doing something wrong, since the mission explanation is absolutely no help at all, feel free to give me some advice because right now this horrible system is totally ruining my gameplay time.

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