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# 1 Maps
03-05-2010, 02:10 AM
The maps we have for PvP right now, space or ground, lack diversity. Even if the map it's self is slightly different, the game type remains more or less the same. Even if the game type is slightly different, the actual play style remains mostly the same.

I'd really like to see this changed. Maybe some non arena ground combat maps. Even if you're ripping off classics like CTF and can't explain why Federation and Klingon are playing Capture the Flag with one another... I'm more than willing to suspend plot to have some fun PvP. (though you could put something abut the Halo deck in if you wanted to rationalize it.)

As for space, a CTF in which the flag carrier is denied full impulse could be incredibly fun.

Moving past CTF, some war games in which there are more than two teams could be a lot of fun. King of the hill where each team has an NPC which captures the hill. Having 2 teams from Fed and 2 from Klingon mean that one team may realize they can't win and decide to back there faction but sacrifice the win.

For space we could see missions waves on NPCs spawn for each side and travel through three distinct lanes towards your enemies base. These waves would be balanced so they normally cancel one another, but also so that player influence on said waves would tilt it to create a push. Each team would have clusters of turrets every so often to help stop these pushes... the teams would be playing a game in which they bounce between lanes creating and stopping pushes. Having long re-spawn times would mean that killing an enemy player would be a valuable accomplishment. -- now to add to this, inbetween the lanes have hevy debris clouds and patches of gass that prevent full impulse.

What I'm getting at is simple: I'd like some PvP maps that aren't designed for random que. I know the Devs have a lot on their plate right now and even if all they want to do is release a mission creator and accept submissions from the community ... go for it. Really I'd be all over the opportunity and I'm sure many others would too.

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