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# 1 Infected Guide (SPOILERS)
03-05-2010, 05:46 AM
I've noticed endless people have had issue after issue with this mission and after having beat it completely and gotten through it rather quick and not so painfully, I thought I'd give you guys a little guide from my point of view that worked pretty well.

Part 1 Space

This generally you want to have a full group of 5 people. Classes don't really matter, mostly because a huge swarm of Borg show up and my group didn't last too long when they targeted a single person. The big thing you want to do is kill the structures ASAP, saves a lot of heart ache. I did notice though that by killing the main portal quick, everything spawned as it's health dropped to zero really quick. There were numerous probes and spheres. 2 Cubes and 1 Tactical Cube. Not so rough if your team focuses fire. Taking the cubes out first isn't necessary, they don't hurt the hull too bad, it's the smaller things that suck. More or less, try to keep your group together, focus fire and hope your healing abilities heal you and not your fully healed ally.

--Ground Combat--
1-2 Healers 1-2 Melee ... the rest... whatever... YOU WILL WIPE REPEATEDLY
MELEE IGNORES SHIELDS FOR BORG! So if you have say a tactical officer on your team like me, he can focus fire on heavy/elite drones and ignore their shields while everyone else kills the other stuff. EXPOSE AND EXPLOIT ATTACKS work amazing wonders against the borg, if your melee guy is fighting a toughy, attack him with expose attacks so your melee guy can exploit melee him for straight to the health damage.

Part 2 The Hallway to Miniboss

I saw people were having problems of Borg RESPAWNING... they DON'T RESPAWN --->IF<--- you kill those link node things that are on the ground and they are green. I told my team to kill the nodes AT ALL COSTS and we did real well. There was 2-3 nodes at each section roughly, so MAKE SURE you find them and kill them before you progress. Other than that it's a Kill Node/Kill Borg kind of deal until the first miniboss. I forget the name, but it's more or less a super elite tactical drone. When you get the bosses shields down a bunch of borg will spawn and new "regeners" as we were calling them will spawn... KILL THE REGENERS! they suck and are no fun and will save you heart ache if you kill them first... Listen to me on that one. After the miniboss is dead you more or less fight your way to the next area with the final boss...

Now take this down and make sure your team understands... to get through this force field you need to hit ALL 3 consoles at the SAME TIME to deactivate it. REMEMBER THIS! YOU HAVE TO!

Part 3 Final Boss

Hope you guys played Mario cause there is a lot of platform jumping... Don't fall in the lava I mean the plasma floor

Okay before you enter make sure you team is group up real close when you enter the room. A force field will pop up and anyone who RESPAWNS will be stuck outside, DO NOT RESPAWN! try to have your team rez you. IF YOU DIE ON THE PLASMA FLOOR stay near the blocks and your team mate can rez you until you can get up some how. There are 2 ramps and the beginning area that are the easiest. Now to the actual fighting...

Split into 2 groups... 1 group a melee guy and a healer. This worked best for me. They will go around and knock the Borg onto the floor. Your bash with the gun and a couple melee attacks for a tactical officer have a knock back, just hit the Borg till they fall in or die. The healer can shoot...

The 2nd group will be 3... whatever... plus 1 healer if want to make it easier just in case. This group will hit the consoles and administer the virus to the shielded consoles.


Both teams run to center and kill Borg there, you can't really knock them off. Both teams go to SOUTH WEST forcefield/console and kill the borg there. When the Borg are just about dead on that platform Team 1 will go to the NORTH WEST console and start clearing the borg off. Team 2 is finishing the borg on the first island and then they go to press the consoles IMPORTANT NOTE!!! all 3 consoles MUST be pressed at "relatively" the SAME time. The forcefield will go down, exposing the console, someone, inject virus. Team 1 by this time should have that island just about if not cleared. Team 1 go to NORTH EAST platform and begin removing Borg. Team 2 go to previous Team 1 platform, kill any borg there and repeat first platform. Do this all the way to fourth and final console.

Team 1 after the final console can go around clearing Borg from where-ever, if you're doing it right, it is super easy. Knock the Borg to the floor.
If 3+ people die, my team just killed themselves and we all respawned and waited for the entrance forcefield to drop... You may have to restart the whole process if this happens.
Remember, don't respawn if only 1 or 2 people are dead.

Back to mission...
Okay if you managed to get all four viruses administered the center console will drop!!! NOW! BE VERY QUICK! EVERYONE OPEN FIRE on the console. YOU WANT TO KILL THIS ASAP! Use Plasma grenades and exploit attacks and everything that hits hard QUICK! The shield isn't down for very long! so make every second count.

After you kill this shield generator, you fight the boss! It's relatively easy. It floats in the air, so don't melee. Just attack the boss with everything you got, it'll be over soon. It's not super-duper hard.

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP/POINTERS!!! I WILL HELP YOU!!! I had a lot of fun doing this mission and will be doing it again and again and again! Remember my name SHAOSTOUL or Nova... of the NSEA Protector

My group consisted of 5 people. It was 3 tactical officers 1 engineer and 1 science officer. The science officer was competent and knew how to heal and WHO to heal. We wiped a lot, but we made it through and I believe the next time through, we'll stomp the mission.

Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcomed and appreciated. This will be an evolving guide as the mission evolves and skills.

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