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What's the point in keeping ships used previously? Nostalgia?

And if you decommission them you get nothing and you lose whatever equipment you happened to leave onboard when you clicked that little button.

I think we should get something back when we decommission a ship that has outlived its usefulness or at least gain the ability to trade it to someone else. Perhaps a friend in the same fleet as you who isn't happy with the free ship he got with his promotion and would like a different one but for whatever reason is finding it impossible to get the credits to buy a new ship.

Or we should get a percentage of credits back in our pockets when its decommissioned. When I was promoted to Lt. Commander I went and used my free ship token to get an explorer class vessel and then paid for a science and escort class to see how they were. I ended up sticking with the escort and haven't touched the other two. They're both sitting there with absolutely no equipment (I sold what I wasn't using).

At the very least we should get a model or something we can put in our fleet banks until we have a customizable ship interior to make our own. In Picard's ready room on the Enterprise-D (can't remember if he had it on the E) he had a model of the Stargazer. It would be a nice touch if we could have models of all of the ships that we used in the game for nostalgia purposes.

Anyone else have any ideas or agree with me on this?

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