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# 1 BO's and enemies disappear
03-05-2010, 09:18 AM
I started a new character a few days ago because I wanted to see if the neural blast works for Borg characters (it does indeed) and because I wanted to try a character in each specialty. I went back to Delta Volanis but it was the first time for this character. On one map that had large pink flowers and what looked like pink fluid in crevices, my BO's all disappeared. One moment they were right behind me and the next, they were all gone. I thought they had fallen into a crevice and I tried the mission three more times and found the crevice into which they likely disappeared. I wondered if it was part of the quest.

On my last attempt on this map, only one BO disappeared, so I decided to go ahead with 3 BO's and finish the mission. I saw a group of about 10 enemies, either Gorn or Nausicaan, I don't remember which because all of a sudden, they disappeared and eventually I was being flanked by an enemy I could not see, as though he was shooting at me from some point in the soil. By this point, I thought it was likely a bug and I submitted a bug report from the map so it can more likely be found. I gave them the name of the map as it appeared in the viewer.

It's the first time I have played a map that was that buggy. It appears that the same maps are used in different missions, so I might encounter the map again.

Epsilon Lyrae Beta 163-0 is the map in question.

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