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I wish I could make the "way" in the title show as "way" but no matter.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:

The first is how it normally looks. way too bright, I'm using the scanner in that screenshot, and you can hardly tell where it's pointing... and I wonder how many of you watching actually noticed the anomaly in the upper left corner.

every once in a while, you might come across a patch of darker floor textures... which shows how beautiful the floor *could* look like. (B and C).

I am playing on an ATI Radeon EAH 4850 1GB, WinXP. all settings to full except Dynamic Lightning set to Off, and bloom set to low. but I have tried setting everything to low and rebooting, no change on textures like these.

bug-report: 727,652.

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