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# 1 Bugs, Bugs and even more bugs
03-05-2010, 02:11 PM
since the freetime playing, i statet etimated 50 bugreports. after 30gb of patches or so some of the major things are still not working properly.

- The Quests randomly are not working, since some events in the quest just dont start (eg cardie ship not turning attackable, such things)

- the ground missions are in fact to ... simple. the expose/exploit thing is nice but quite to random. (attacking an enemy, who doesnt see you, from behind a corner, should always kill someone, or nearly do so)

- the ground KI of Boffs is worse than any random group in wow. (ex-wowlers know what i mean)
theyre running around 3km range, pulling adds and so on. my away team scientists even regrett healing me ...

- still no respecc (i heard it will come soon, hoping it will take NO costs @all. 15 for a half game is weird enough)

- the common things are still halfway ready: exchange (no sorting options, not ONE!), char-windows, and shipwindow (why is there a "skill" section for shipview ... when switching between my specc and the ship, i need 3 clicks, perhaps splitting up the ship-views from the char views would help a lot!)

- the crafting system is just - unneccessary. you only can craft normal weapons to uncommon ... wow that helps a lot ... (perhaps allow "adding" a stat, look@other mmos.

my question is: why are you adding raidisodes before adding a valuable group play mechanic. eg aggro-system (so that cruisers perhaps are getting a role apart from being slow and doing less damage than any other ship-type ...)
i even cant "mark" an enemy so my group knows whom to attack. hey take the science cardie out - which one? - the keldon - yeah but WHICH of the three? - . when teamspeak is a must have 4 a game, the game lacks of something.
(in fact wow only survived cause it allowed using addons ^^)
- the targetting system is still buggy, sometimes some of the abilities in space just dissapear to some ally. again: look @ other mmos. theres an option 4 assis, and theres an option to turn it off!

really: i like the game a lot. the idea of it. but its like:

hey, i sold you a car. aaahm, the cars up there, but --- the wheels are coming tomorow. but the gas is already there, the break not, so - you should drive slowly. but it doesnt matter at all cause the engine is still not in there. but we have 3 of 5 seats in it, so it should be comfortable yet, take a seat.

or to say it in the words of cpt kirk "what, you left the shipyard without tractor emitters?" or "let me guess: torpedoes are not coming until tuesday ..."
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# 2
03-05-2010, 02:12 PM
Submit a bug report to cryptic!
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# 3
03-05-2010, 02:36 PM
i've done so. i said that in the first line of my post. i guess you didnt even read what i wrote right?
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# 4
03-05-2010, 02:42 PM
Yea there are bugs. Ive seen games that had worse.

Pretty much as far as I can tell, they've poured all their effort into fixing them. There's a way to go, but at least they're working on it.

EvE has been out for 7 or 8 years if Im not mistaken. Played it? That game has funky bugs all over the place. Graphical ones especially. You'd think after that amount of time something would be done regarding it. Instead I think a lot of those problems are just plain ignored.

At least thats not the case with STO. Yet anyways. As long as they are working and fixing these problems, I cant complain overly much. Patches are implemented often. Very often.

So its a wait and see thing right now. The game was a LOT buggier during Open Beta and even at launch, and that was a month ago. So I know they are cracking down on it. Give it some time.
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# 5
03-05-2010, 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by AngelOfDespair
i've done so. i said that in the first line of my post. i guess you didnt even read what i wrote right?
they usually dont
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# 6
03-05-2010, 02:53 PM
as i already statet: its a poor excuse to campare with the bad ones.

if someone would sell you a car, with no weels and so on, you would complain too, and what if your seller just said: " yeah there people out there that have to walk". its a very poor excuse i think. and its an excuse mainly found in virtual content selling industries. they sell a half product, want to be paid, giving a vague promise everything will be right some day.

in 20 days i will have to PAY for this "car without wheels" ... i dont think many will do, i wont do it either.

and the bugs i mentioned are no minor bugs like "oops the hairstyle looks weird" or "oops the ability doesnt work as intended"

they are MAJOR problems, when NO ability is working as intended, tooltips are all wrong, telling me "scientist" grants "science team 3" but doesnt do so, AND i have no way to respecc.
another example: after cloaking ships wont have shields. thats NOT the case @ all. if you cloak with 50 shield energy you will have 25 of it after decloaking (so shields are FULLY UP (they just dont regenerate after beiing hit)

or, one thing i forget to mention:

respawning in the middle of 5 fleets in deep space encounter. its a really poor thing and there were complaints SINCE open beta about this. i could mention MANY MANY other things. hm just to head on:
being drawn into deepspace enc is just an unneccessary server operation. whats the sense of it (if im allowed to leave it imediately)

as i said i like the game idea a lot, but its like any other trek game so far: nice idea - poor workout.

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