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03-05-2010, 03:35 PM
I don't do this very often, but I have decided to forgo being a smartass troll and answer your questions.


How long did it take you to reach Rear Admiral 5?, do you have multiple Rear Admirals or are presently levelling an alt?

I have not gotten there yet. I currently have a Captain 5 Tac and 2 Lt. Commanders... a Sci and an Eng.

I made an effort to not play the game very often after reaching Commander in such a short amount of time and not seeing much of a way to slow down my progress while playing. As a result, I have only played the game for about 8 hours or so in the last couple of weeks.


Did you enjoy the journey to Rear Admiral 5?, what was the high points and low points?

Assuming the last few levels are the same, I have enjoyed it to an extent. I think the ground combat is pretty boring most of the time, and the exploration missions are very repetitive and boring. Additionally, I think the whole game is far too easy and because of these things, I have not enjoyed it as much as I had hoped I would.


Do you currently part-take in regular PvP, Fleet actions or Raidisodes? If so, what are you views on them? What do you think could be improved, and what issues need to be addressed?

I don't do PvP, but I LOVE the Fleet actions. They are probably my favorite part of the game. I think there should be a LOT more of them... multiple FAs for every tier, and I think they should nix the Crystalline Entity as a fleet action and make it a normal DSE instead. I haven't gotten to the raid yet, so I can't comment.


Do you prefer space combat or ground combat? If so, why? What makes that particular style of combat a better player experience for you over the other?

The space combat by far. I enjoy the dynamic of working with the Bridge Officers, upgrading their skills, training them in new ones, and upgrading my ship's equipment. This, along with the Fleet Actions, is the most enjoyable thing in the game.

I don't like the ground combat. Even using advanced tactics, I find it to be boring, repetitive, over long, and extremely easy. I also have run into some very annoying issues with the AI pathing of my BOs.


Pick one current issue in-game effects you the most, what changes do you think would benefit the game overall and why?

I would like to see a better exploration system. Ideally, I would like to see one that does not involve floating in a shoebox and scanning anomalies as they spawn. I want it to feel more like I am traveling to unknown spaces and discovering new worlds. Additionally, I would like to be able to explore any planet at any time, regardless of whether I have a mission there or not.


Do you think since launch, Star Trek Online has lived up to your expectations? Do you think you will still be playing in six months time?

By far it has not. I was absolutely shocked at how simplistic the game was when I first played it in Beta. I am going to stick around because, by now I think Cryptic has heard this criticism over and over again, and I hope they will be working to add some real depth into the game. Whether or not I will still be playing in 6 months depends entirely on the progress I see in the next couple of months to that end.

What future changes would you like to see the most in Star Trek Online?

Better exploration, more challenging missions, less repetitive missions, a better attempt at creating the illusion of an open world, larger instances, more fleet actions, a meaningful diplomacy system, an option to toggle the sector grid, ship interiors with ship centered missions, more personality for BOs, better AI pathing, and a better crafting system. There's a lot more, but those will do for now.


Finally, what was the last MMo you played before joining Star Trek Online, why did you quit the last MMo and join this community?

WoW. I quit playing it because I did not enjoy the elitist attitude that much of the community had been fostering. I am here because it is Star Trek. There is no other reason.

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