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03-05-2010, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by Kevscar View Post
What sort of discussion can you have if the same topic is posted 58 times wi h 3 or 4 responses on each. Surely it,s better to have 200-300 posts on the same thread so that the devs can see there is a lot of support for it.
If they weren't posted in such a way as to generate much discussion, be it through bad titling, or not fleshing out the idea enough, then oh well.

Honestly, forum posts *****ing about forum posts is borderline retarded. Either support the idea or don't, and help to keep it bumped if you do.

Cryptic does take notice when an idea is so often put out there though if that is the case.
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03-05-2010, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by Hand_of_Fate View Post
So Let me start by saying I'm completely against the Admiral rank for players (See my signature). Having every player in the game walking around as an Admiral eventually just seems silly to me.

That said, I'd find it slightly more believable if we were given multiple ships to command!

Think about it: We customize our ship and out Bridge Crew right? Well imagine if we now had multiple ships in a Fleet we controlled, and were able to customize and crew each of them and have them fight with us in battle (rather than just having 8 ships we can switch between and use one at a time, transfering our entire bridge crew with us).

My initial idea would be to give you a second ship you command as soon as you hit Rear Admiral, then add a ship every two levels.

This would add a lot more by way of end game to the game, in my opinion, and actually make the admiral rank mean something for a change. Just imagine the possibilities of having multiple ships to crew up, types to pick, load outs to decide to compliment other ships in the fleet etc.

It would add a lot of possibility, and a lot of time consuming fun (which equals people keeping subscriptions longer and $$ for Cryptic of course).

So, please consider this idea!
1), This would require work and Cryptic is allergic to two things, criticism and work so don't look for this anytime soon.

UNLESS, and there is always an "unless", you're willing to pay for it because if there is one thing Cryptic
is NOT allergic to, it is more money. Now one of three things could happen.

First). They decide to release it as an expansion, in which case it will be a watered down version of what you want for 300% more $ than it will be worth.
Second). They want more $ for this idea by proxy, meaning it will be touted as "in development" (indefinitely) to keep you subscribed, thus more $ for them.
Three). It is released via the C-Store for, you guessed it, more $ in the form of points but is more likely to
pure water as opposed to just being watered down.

That said, do what your mom always told you to do when your childhood toys didn't have what you wanted.......use your imagination. Then it will be exactly as you want.
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03-05-2010, 03:45 PM
What I think would be interesting would be the adoption of a sophisticated command structure that would allow guilds to assemble large fleets with admirals giving orders to squad captains, squad captains giving orders to ship captains, etc. Perhaps there could be benefits to having multiple players serve on the same ship, also.

I don't know if just giving high ranking players extra ships to command on their own would be particularly interesting. Wouldn't that clutter the game?
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# 34
03-05-2010, 04:00 PM
While your idea has merit, I would rather see them working on more important things. I don't like being an Admiral so I wear 4 pips and have the Captain title over my head. Just because the game calls me an Admiral doesn't mean I have to accept it.
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03-05-2010, 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by LrdCamaris View Post
They should add one new sub-commander per rank of Admiral, and those commanders start off with the beginning ship, and then as the Admiral takes them into battle, they get xp, level up, and Admiral can choose their path, ships etc. That would drastically increase the point of the endgame since then you would not just be getting skillpoints for yourself, but you would work on slowly making your underlings all ranked up to captain (and then stop them at captain). An Admiral would then not be maxed out quicly, but instead be slowly working on their fleet and customizing it. Good way to expand the end-game.
This is a quite good addition to the standard "give me a fleet" idea.

I like the thought of getting officers in smaller ships and working them up in rank over time.
Heck you could even make a provision for them getting so high they don't have to follow your orders anymore causing you to have to start over. Or perhaps linking that to some kind of penalty later. Screw up as an admiral and you lose a suborndinate ship in your fleet for a period of time.

Real fleet battles would be epic. If balance right ships would actually fill the roles they are named with.
Example frigate protecting destroyers which in turn watch out for the carriers or battleships.

Then you could through in some dreadnaught level ships for admirals who reach a certain fleet strength or rank.

It worked well enough in starfleet command I don't see why it couldn't here. (I mean the commanding multiple ships in a squardon not the other stuff)

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