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This discussion is for JUST the boss itself.

The whole mission isn't a problem. Skip to the end.

I'm a science guy, grouped up a lot. Mission isn't the problem it's the boss.

I heal as quick and as much as I can but the groups I've been with die.

Any suggestions? Whats the best Armour shields to use? Best weapons to use? Helpful skills to use? Any way to expose her or stun her? Tactics to use?

Lets have some feedback on the boss herself.
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03-05-2010, 12:49 PM
If your engineer dies, stay by the forcefield so he can still contribute with med/shield generators and FF domes. Trapped-outside tactical officers may be able to beam their security teams into the boss room too. It's not as good as them not dying, but it's something moderately useful for them to do while you continue the fight.
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03-05-2010, 05:29 PM
best place to fight the final boss is from where you enter the queen's chambers....

shoot the generator from the ramp...

have the engineer drop sheild after shield on top of there own and put a energy barrier in front to deflect the fire from the shielding. so the queen can't emo spank your shields. try to stay away from ledges.

carry lots of stims with you.... especially if your an engineer....

the group i was in did it with out Ventrillo or Team Speak.....

we still did good communicating threw type.....

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