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# 1 Cannot take items
03-05-2010, 07:30 PM
This has been happening to me in space since earlier this week:

1. A yellow item marker appears.
2. I get near it and do "Take items".
3. I get a message that says my inventory is full.
4. I check my inventory, and yep, it's full.
5. I clear some space in my inventory by selling some junk (batteries, usually) to my replicator.
6. I once again do "Take items" but nothing happens. The item list appears, but clicking on "Take all" doesn't do anything, the item remains there, I get no error message, nothing.

Note that this only occurs if I try to take an item in space when my inventory is full to begin with. I am not sure at this time whether or not it happens on the ground. I do not recall this being a problem for me earlier than this week.

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