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Ok.. I can get there's going to be bugs in a game.... I can get that there is not a 100% adherence to Star Trek Canon in this game.. but for the love of Gene Roddenberry...

WHY oh WHY in this Mission does the actual USS Defiant.. come in and start shooting BEAM.. yes..BEAM phasers out it's deflector dish???? and no Pulse Phaser Cannons to be seen, and PHOTON torpedoes??

Really Cryptic.. one of the most ICONIC and recognized ships in the history of the IP, and you do THIS to it? I love this game, but I'm really saddened by the total disrespect for canon and the slightest attention to Detail here. Dan Stahl, and Gozer out to have their HEADS examined after they roll for this.. it's extremely disappointing to see one of your favorite icons of star trek reduced to a visually bugged and totally incorrectly designed piece of trash like that.. it didn't even have the proper registry.. just giant red letters in Cryptic Font.. "USS DEFIANT" for it's registry.. come on... really??

if Cryptic continues to do things like this on ships that are a basis for the Shows, and this game period.. consider how much of the fan-base you might lose loyalty from because of it.

I've been a shill for this game up till this point, namely because of my love for the IP, and the game as a whole.. but it was really shaken tonight when I ran into this pathetic attempt to fool a "Gamer" and not a true respect for the IP that you've made a game from.


a VERY disappointed Fan..

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