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8 times out of 10 the klingons win due to superior DPS coupled with pretty much the exact same defenses as federation.

no, this is not a "l2p" issue.

been talking alot with a mate that plays in a klingon set group and we are pretty much agreeing on this.

Klingons DPS is currently overpowered, the vast majority (if not all) their ships can and will mount cannons, load up with stacked rapid fire plus attack pattern beta = megapwn.

feds have 1 ship class that can do this, the rest are stuck with either dual beams, beam arrays or *cough* turrets.

dual beams works somewhat on the science ships, wich would have to dual spec cannons for the turrets, making them alot less effective then they should be. but are a complete waste on a cruiser due to its horrible turning so that leavs them with either said turrets or beam arrays.

a klingon with stacked RF can get up to 3000 DPS for what, 15 seconds:ish?

a fed with......... wait, feds doesent have any proper beam DPS skills (dont say overload is a proper DPS skill fgs, and dont even think about fire at will). ok lets use emergency power to weapons insted, that bumps up the beam arrays to somewhere around 800 - 850 DPS give or take.

now the supposed reasoning for klingons ability to use cannons on all their ships were the supposed defense penalty they get, but thats really only noticable in t1 and t2, in t3 and up its more then possible to be pretty much immune to damage to the shields for over a minute if you play it well, probably alot longer if your really good.

so all in all it doesent matter how effective a federation fleet is in pvp. if faced against a equally effective klingon fleet, just the fact that it wont have nearly the same DPS OR agility as a klingon fleet means they will lose.

klingons have, element of surprise, manouverability and DPS on their side. feds WERE supposed to have superior defenses to balance this but right now i cant see that.

so what could be done to balance this out?

give science ships the ability to use proper cannons (obviously cruisers are out of the question)? njeee, i dunno, it would just make klingons less unique.

gimp klingons defenses some more? that probably wouldn't be a good idea at all.

limmit the ability to mount cannons to BoP's only? it sure has potential but again it would just make klingons less unique and more a "alternate federation".

give beams some proper DPS skills? maybe, hard to do that with arrays having such huge arcs. maybe something thats limmited to dual beams only?

kill off the ability to stack different tiers of the same power (such as rapid fire)? now i like that idea more then anything, stacked rapid fire (or any skill different tiers) is whats breaking the balance in pvp more then anything so imo that needs to go.

its gone to the point where almost all the good klingon set groups play KvK only because theres just no challenge to play FvK anymore so something needs to be done if we want to have a healthy pvp community outside of KvK.

so what would your REASONABLE suggestions be to have the fleets be more balanced? try to also keep it with set group versus set group in mind, PUGS are utterly impossible to balance the game around and 1v1's arent meant to be in this game.

and again, PLEASE try to keep this thread as civil as possible. lets try to give Cryptic as little flaming/trolling as possible to wade through for once

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